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Chavurah Monthly Youth Activities Forum

Our Youth Program for our teen age members will feature non classroom activities such as field trips, social activites, dramatic presentations and guest speakers which will meet monthly. The group will be lead by Shiri Gall, who teaches in our Wednesday afternoon religious school and her husband Robbie, both of whom have considerable experience with high school youth group activities. Our youth leaders are Ryan Greiss and Elizabeth Greenberg.

Part of this monthly program will include meeting in the homes of our participating families. If you wish to host one of these events for our young people please let us know and if you are a High School student who wishes to participate, please contact us:

Rabbi Nat Benjamin

The Spirit of Chavurah Beth Shalom

A chaver or haver is a companion or friend

The early rabbis used the term to refer to one's study partner. In the 1960's young Jewish adults began to look for alternatives to the large urban and suburban synagogues.

In time, Chavurot were organized within synagogues. There are numerous varieties, but they are people who can learn and celebrate together, and be with one another in times of joy and sorrow.

New forms continue to develop, but in a time when extended families are often distant and synagogues are so large that people don't know each other, theneed and benefits are clear.

Although Chavurah Beth Shalom is a congregation of nearly 250 families, we are always striving to maintain the character and spirit of our beginnings fifteen years ago. This is clearly evident on Shabbat morning at The Alpine Community House, where we meet for our 9:30 AM minyan and 10:30 AM Judaic Studies Class. The Wednesday afternoon religious School community can be seen as a chavurah in that families build relationships built on the friendship of their respective children. Also our monthly Havdallah happenings held in diferent homes combines, prayer, study and socialization which has inspired many deep friendships.