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Friends in Faith

Friends In Faith Unites Religions for Peace

As religious conflicts divide neighbors and nations and the threat of violence hangs over us like a shadow, many people see religion as a force of divisiveness and violence, rather than as a force for unity and peace.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, we must identify new ways to respect our religious differences while forging peaceful bonds based on our common humanity.

Jews, Catholics and Muslims share a common religious heritage and we are united by the fundamental belief in the dignity of human life and the call to social responsibility. Our challenge today is to turn these common values into positive action.

Rabbi Bemporad's Center for Interreligious Understanding has created a unique interfaith action guide called "Friends in Faith" that is dedicated to building bridges of understanding among people of all faiths. Through simple, engaging classroom activities, the guide offers a chance for teachers, students, religious leaders and community members to explore the many religious and cultural traditions that are part of our shared experience and create opportunities to work together to build a better society.

By exploring our shared heritage and shared beliefs - and joining together in common positive action - participants will understand that what unites us is greater than what divides us.

By acting on our common values, we can bring people of all faiths together in a spirit of mutual respect and genuine understanding - and make religion a force for good.

To download the Friends in Faith guide, click here [PDF].

“Respecting our religious differences while forging peaceful bonds based on our common humanity.”

Rabbi Jack Bemporad